52: Summer Stylin' and Profilin' with Dave Ruff and Barrett Dudley

Summer is here and to get the most out of it you better have an outfit selection that keeps you looking good, a drink choice that satisfies, and know how to conduct yourself on a boat. 

This episode has you covered.

Barrett Dudley and David Ruff have real jobs with the Austin content legend, Grandex, but spend the rest of their time hosting killer podcasts and having opinions about things that may or may not pertain to you and how you live your life. This show is full of those opinions. 

You will leave this podcast episode a more complete human, ready to take on the prime months of the year... You're welcome. 

Get more from David on Touching Base and you can find Barrett doing his thing on the Grandex Labs Podcast Feed. You can also find these guys on Twitter @dcarterruff and @BarrettDudley if you want more.