51: Sex, Drugs, and Sex with Amy Baldwin and April Lampert from Shameless Sex

Don't be surprised if you get a little turned on during this episode... Amy and April are sex and pleasure experts with a lot of knowledge and a lot to say. We don't hold back on this one.

Together, they host the Shameless Sex Podcast and go deep into human sexuality and relationships. On this episode, we cover blowjobs, the #metoo movement, what consensual means, how to keep judgment out of your sex life, and that time Amy's mom hooked up with a porn star that had a piece on him.

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Show Book References:

"Mating In Captivity" by Ester Perel

"The State of Affairs" by Ester Perel

"Sex at Dawn" by Chris Ryan

"A Billion Wicked Thoughts" by Sal Goddam and Ogi Ogas