56: Manifest A Badass Life with Samantha Skelly from Hungry For Happiness

What does it mean to create your life? What the hell is manifesting? Am I "spiritually bypassing" my problems? Sam and I dive into all of these questions on RLNS56. 

Sam Skelly is an author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Hungry For Happiness. She helps women create empowered relationships with themselves and has an incredible understanding of practical personal development and spiritual practices that create an impact. 

Keep up with Sam on the Hungry For Happiness Podcast and on Instagram @samanthaskelly

Grab a copy of her best-selling book, Hungry For Happiness, on Amazon.

Threesome Throwdown with April Lampert and Amy Baldwin from The Shameless Sex Podcast

It's story time on The Realness. After the last episode with Amy and April, we decided to share some threesome adventures to test the waters on a new style of show called The Realness Rundown. This one just happens to be about threesome stories. 

This is fun, funny, and shameless. Enjoy.

Find April on Instagram @aprillampert and Amy @amypurepleasure.

Be sure to check out The Shameless Sex Podcast if you're into raw conversations like this.

55: Kind-Hearted Savages with Summer Huntington and Leo Savage

If you ever come across Leo and Summer out on the town, you won't be able to miss them. You might think to yourself "those are the sexiest circus performers on the planet" or "I don't know if I should be scared or turned on, but I'm a little of both". 

These two have created a life around helping others through the type of unconventional training and lifestyle work that creates savages. On this episode, we discuss flow states, jungle drugs, imagination, play, and savagery. 

For an opportunity to work with these two badasses, check out The Flow State Summit at flowstatesummit.com.

Follow Summer on Instagram - @summerhuntington 

Follow Leo on Instagram - @leo__savage

53: Marriage, Toxic Masculinity, and Conspiracy Theories with Jake Goldman and Dan Regester from SuppsDawg

The boys from the SuppsDawg Podcast join me to explore what it's like to get married young, white privilege, toxic masculinity, and some of the most interesting conspiracy theories floating around these days.

Jake Goldman is a podcaster and comedian that has some kind of day job that lets him invest in his love for making people think and laugh. Find him on Instagram @jakewgoldman and Twitter @jakewgoldman

Dan Regester is a podcaster and professional video guy that asks hard-hitting questions with the perfect amount of bro-ness (for most people). Get at him on Instagram @danregester and Twitter @dan_regester.

Check out their podcast, SuppsDawg and make sure to hit that subscribe button. 

52: Summer Stylin' and Profilin' with Dave Ruff and Barrett Dudley

Summer is here and to get the most out of it you better have an outfit selection that keeps you looking good, a drink choice that satisfies, and know how to conduct yourself on a boat. 

This episode has you covered.

Barrett Dudley and David Ruff have real jobs with the Austin content legend, Grandex, but spend the rest of their time hosting killer podcasts and having opinions about things that may or may not pertain to you and how you live your life. This show is full of those opinions. 

You will leave this podcast episode a more complete human, ready to take on the prime months of the year... You're welcome. 

Get more from David on Touching Base and you can find Barrett doing his thing on the Grandex Labs Podcast Feed. You can also find these guys on Twitter @dcarterruff and @BarrettDudley if you want more. 

51: Sex, Drugs, and Sex with Amy Baldwin and April Lampert from Shameless Sex

Don't be surprised if you get a little turned on during this episode... Amy and April are sex and pleasure experts with a lot of knowledge and a lot to say. We don't hold back on this one.

Together, they host the Shameless Sex Podcast and go deep into human sexuality and relationships. On this episode, we cover blowjobs, the #metoo movement, what consensual means, how to keep judgment out of your sex life, and that time Amy's mom hooked up with a porn star that had a piece on him.

Follow Amy and April on Instagram at @shamelesssexpodcast and visit shamelesssex.com to check and all of their workshops and events. 

Show Book References:

"Mating In Captivity" by Ester Perel

"The State of Affairs" by Ester Perel

"Sex at Dawn" by Chris Ryan

"A Billion Wicked Thoughts" by Sal Goddam and Ogi Ogas