No-Bullshit Authenticity and Social Leverage with Cory Allen | The Realness #66

The underlying fears that drive our behaviors can cause a lot of fuckery in our existence and Cory Allen has a way of articulating his perception of reality in a way that is both funny and enlightening. In this episode, we discuss the patterns that we learned from going through our 20's and how it took a handful of mishaps to finally start taking responsibility for our own bullshit to achieve total enlightenment (or at least a little mindfulness). 

You can check out Cory on his podcast, The Astral Hustle, and at

We also reference a couple of books in the podcast. You can snag those here:

"Rethinking Narcissism" by Dr. Craig Malkin

"The Flight of the Garuda" by Keith Dowman

Authenticity Is A Process with Meg Sylvester | The Realness #65

For "Boss Bitch" to "Soccer Mom" to "Alpha Male", we all have roles that we are expected to fulfill that can pull us out of alignment with our authentic selves. Meg and I share the ways that we've wandered away from ourselves and how we try to find our way back from in the lifelong game of "hide and seek", as Alan Watts would say. 

Meg Sylvester is a Mindset and Functional Medicine Health Coach that specializes in helping others find out what "healthy" means to them as an individual and how they can live in their purpose in a full and genuine way.

Check out Meg at and follow her amazing Instagram feed @meghansylvester


Rundown of "Free Will" by Sam Harris with Serena Kamlani | The Realness #64

“If you pay attention to your inner life, you will see that the emergence of choices, efforts, and intentions is a fundamentally mysterious process.” 

- Sam Harris

Free Will is a mind-bender and breaking down with Serena was a perplexing kind of fun. We go chapter by chapter, sharing our thoughts and highlights. 

Keep up with Serena on Twitter @serena_therese.

Snag yourself a copy of the book using this link:

Amazon - Free Will by Sam Harris

Relationship Talk with Alex George, Dan Regester, and Jake Goldman from SuppsDawg | The Realness #63

Confidence vs. attractiveness, datings apps, breaking the ice, and how not to slide into the DMs. This podcast is all about modern dating and how to navigate the reality of the 2018 mating market. 

This is an episode of SuppDawg that I was a guest on that I just had to share. For more ridiculous content like this, go subscribe to their show wherever you get your podcasts. 

Find these content heavy-hitters on instagram using the handles below;

Alex George - @alexgeorge5

Jake Goldman - @jakewgoldman

Dan Regester - @danregester

How To Save The World with Kyle Thiermann | The Realness #62

Kyle's time spent in that water and across the globe have given him a powerful perspective on social and environmental issues. On this episode, we explore why we tend to suffer from decision paralysis when it comes to taking impactful action, why psychedelics tend to deepen our connection with other people and the planet, and where we can start if we want to make change happen. 

Kyle is a professional surfer, journalist, environmental activist, and the host of The Kyle Thiermann Show. You can get more info on him at and keep up with him on instagram @kyle_tman.

The Ladies Take Over with Alli Waddell and Liz Germain

This show has been a long time coming. We've got Alli Waddell and Liz Germain, two fan favorites, on the same episode. These ladies run away with the show and we cover all kinds of ground. I've never felt less in control in my life and it made for some great content. 

Alli Waddell is a badass wellness coach and you can find her on instagram @alliwaddell to keep up with her work. 

Liz Germain is a YouTube business coach and influencer with a knack for growing engaged audiences. Check the Super Sister Fitness YouTube channel to see what she's up to.