Ready to man up and actually feel your f*cking feelings?

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You’ve spent enough time playing by someone else’s rules. This program is build to cut through the bullshit and get to the core of what’s keeping you from being the man you know you can be.

The work isn’t going to do itself and waiting isn’t going to make it any easier.

you’re tired of:

  • The Bullshit


  • Living your life by someone elses rules and based on external expectations

  • Lacking Confidence in your decisions

  • Feeling like something is missing in your life

  • Lacking clarity on why you find yourself repeating the same patterns

you’re ready to:

  • live with Clarity and confidence in your actions

  • Create genuine connections

  • be honest with yourself about what you really want

  • Feel understood by those around you

  • Give less fucks about the things that don’t matter

  • wake up each day feeling like the real you

Included in your program:

  • 1-hour video calls each week

  • Custom Game-Plans every week

  • Structured practices that actually fucking work.

  • Access to the meditation library.

  • A NO BULLSHIT approach to taking ownership of your life.

  • Clarity and accountability on handling your problems.

  • Communication and support between calls.

  • Access to all of our session recordings via Google Drive.

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It's time to get real.

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