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Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and confused?

Let’s work through it together.


Why I created Group Lifestyle Design:

Through years of working with individuals and groups, I noticed that everyone has an undeniable urge to connect with to others with purpose and confidence in their contribution.

I started to seek an understanding of what kept us from accessing the fundamental human desire to be seen and understood. I became obsessed with removing what was limiting us from tapping into the most full and expressive versions of ourselves. 

This obsession started a journey that led to the creation of The Realness and The Lifestyle Design Coaching programs. Sharing these experiences is my passion and I'm incredibly grateful to work with others to take genuine ownership their lives.

Group Lifestyle Design Program includes:

  • 90-minute video sessions each we to set intentions, share experiences, create practices, and connect.

  • Weekly journaling practices and guided meditations to accompany the program

  • Encouragement, understanding, and guidance in breaking limiting patterns.

  • A supportive and growth-minded community around you that’s committed to seeing you clearly.

  • A NO BULLSHIT approach to taking ownership of your life experience.

  • Clarity and accountability on the most impactful actions in your life.

  • Communication and support between session.

  • Unlimited access to the meditation library, recommended books list, and session recordings.

A few reviews from the Lifestyle Design crew…


“I went from a jumbled up, tangled ball of criss crossed confusion to getting so clear and dialed in on exactly what I want in life.”

- Joshua C


“I felt understood and valued in the group and was able to work through challenges that were holding me back. Plus it was fun!”

- Sharon S


“Conner’s program makes the hard work of putting self-reflection into action a really great time”

-Mattie Jo C


“If you’re in need of more effective tools, better guidance and a louder voice then this is 100% for you.

Consider this your permission to dive-in, do the work and get to know *you* in a really cool way.”

- Brady B

It's time to get real.

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