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I teach people how to find healthy relationships by being themselves…

You’re tired of the same old games, ghosting, fuckboys, shallow girls, poor communication, dishonesty, and lack of clarity in your dating life.

Who can blame you? It’s easy to get lost in a world of dating apps and social media. We’re so connected to our devices that connecting with a real person seems near impossible.

But here’s the thing… It’s not impossible. It doesn’t even have to be hard. It just takes being REAL.

You’re over dealing with:

Overthinking every move you make

  • The amount of time you spend analyzing what a text meant, what to share about your life, and when is too soon or late to have sex is enough to drive anyone crazy. Constantly juggling expectations with values and self-respect is exhausting and you don’t know how to stop.

Lacking clarity in what you value in a partner (and yourself)

  • Your parents told you that you needed something, your married friends tell you something else, your last partner was everything you thought you wanted and you felt something missing, and you just don’t know anymore. It feels hopeless, frustrating, and confusing.

Feeling like dating is a waste of time and seriously considering getting a few cats

  • Swipe, swipe, swipe… Fuck this shit… The dates you go on are either boring and awkward or a way to get what you want sexually. Strings are rarely attached and the idea of having feelings seems like an inconvenience. The whole thing just feels a hollow and makes less and less sense by the day.

Being unable to communicate your wants, needs, and experiences honestly

  • Did I say too much? Not enough? What are they thinking??? You run yourself in circles to perform and say the “right” thing. You’ve lost touch with what it feels like to relax, say what you mean, and be the you that you love to be.

What you really want:

To feel seen and understood for who you really are

  • Seems crazy to think that someone would not only accept your flaws, quirks, and insecurities without judgement. It’s not, though. With confidence in your worthiness, you can be fully present and authentic in any dating situation.

Confidence in your ability to connect and communicate

  • Knowing your internal values and partner allows you to release expectations, shut off the performance, and genuinely connect. You’re groundedness creates an environment for genuine conversation and connection because you know who you are.

Faith in your intuition

  • You let your head to the thinking and your heart do the feeling. You trust yourself and have compassion for yourself. You past is not a burden, it’s the experience you needed to show you what you’re worth. The pressure is off and you’ve created the space and healthy boundaries to be truly emotionally available.

Mothafucking HONESTy!

  • You don’t accept the bullshit and it obvious by the way you carry yourself. Your clarity attracts others that value honesty and the others don’t even bother. Your connections are REAL and that’s just the way you want it.

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