It's all really simple... We decided it was important to know what you really, truely, honestly give a fuck about so we started a podcast... It turned into a brand (I guess that's what this is) and now we're here... and so are you...

This all started with an idea, just like anything else, and a question. "What really matters to you?". Not what the Facebook Ads algorithm decides you need and not what your parents told you that you should want, but what aligns with your authentic values. If we can create awareness around these values, then we can invest our time, energy and resources into them. When our life is in this alignment, the friction we face seems worthwhile and the success is fulfilling.  

The Pleasure Monkey Life was created with this intention by people who felt the gap between good marketing and living a full life. We've lived too long letting others dictate our experience. If we invest in understanding ourselves, we can bring the best of us to the world, and that might just make some kind of difference. 

What we give a fuck about...

  • Creating a life that allows Authentic Expression 
  • Developing awareness through continuous learning and reflection 
  • Empathetic connections with the life around us
  • Conscious action over ego-driven reaction 
  • Respecting our connections with others 
  • Reducing the power of shame in our lives and the lives of others
  • Releasing the fear of being "wrong" for the sake of growth
  • Enjoying the hell out of life